Friday, June 10, 2016

#9 Earth Element

Hard, dry, wet, mud, clay, frame, architecture, ground, dirt, Fertile soil, land, landscape, solid, dust, build, make, shape, physical, outline, form, cliff, sand, clod, struggle, work, job, do, materialism, patience, growth, money, earthquake, bureaucracy, Institutes, respect.

The earth element make firm of every thought and feeling.
So I better think of things I want.

but, oh... dear me, it is so hard.

Here are my notes from my last game:

-> The earth element arrives in 2 flows.
Flow 1: my theory of how to do something
Flow 2: me doing it and my outcome

-> So why is there a difference between my theory thought and the executed outcome?
I can clearly see in my mind how what I'm going to make is going to be, but I rarely manage to make anything as how I thought about it.

Earth is never accurate.
The second cake even though it has the same ingredients as the first cake, is never the same.

-> Reasons:
  • A thought of someone influence the outcome
  • Negative aspects accrue
  • Delay from flow 1 to flow 2 so the basic purpose sometimes gets lost.
  • this element is uncontrolled

-> Solutions:
  • Have patience
  • Do it again
  • Never give up
  • Have a known starting point to get back to at all times.
  • All of your experience with the earth element is a lab test, tests sometimes fail, but also sometimes succeed.
I will further investigate this element in this next game play I plan.
at the end of my life I hope to have more conclusions about the earth element.

I must remember:
This time I'll take a big pile of energy to fund my patience and my persistence.
This should serve me right to accomplish my goals. 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

# 8 The Water Element Attributes

Liquid, flexible, stormy, clear, pure, dirty, excited, waterfall, crashing, cold, warm, frozen, wash, laundering, rushing, furious, flood, bubbling, pressure, humidity, sweat, stress, sharp cold, ice, snowflakes, confusing, manipulative, lie, amorphous, illusion, music, sing, fresh, love, feelings, fog, mist, cloud, dew, water drop, rain, river, sea,  basin, deep ocean, powerful, mighty, wave, spring, fountain, emotions, tears, shower, wall, pity, mercy, cry, compassion, transparent, boiling, thirst, fear, sorrow, disappointment, longing, jealousy, anger, storm, sensitivity, tenderness, heartstrings, sentiment, nostalgia, family, whirlpool, spray, squirt, splash, sprinkle, trickle, bath, wet, rinse, torrent, run-off, pouring, blanch, poetry, lyric, vocals, laughter, ripple, wavelet, swirl, saturation.

The water principle:
1 drop of water + 1 drop of water + "n" drop of water, makes the ocean.
each drop of water is glued to another drop of water forming the ocean.
1 drop of water feel
"n" drop of water "feel" the same
since they all glued together and form the ocean.
 water is glue.

Water has many faces,
Control the water element in you, control the face that you wear.
Don't control your water element, wear the face it chooses for you.

My feelings might sweep me away from my routes
It is the strong force that can drift downstream flow.

Water has polarities,
Positive | Negative.
+ | -
positive pole - laughter.
negative pole - cry.
both bring tears to my eyes.

The water element is drown to negativity.
It is much easier to hold on to sorrow than to let go.

In fact, it is so easy to use stormy emotions, all one have to do is:
let go of your common sense and then without doubt be on the route for emotions collapse.

so, How can I control it then?
Its a mind job.
Use your mind to control your water element.

"Imagine a sprinkle spring, flowing joyfully to a shallow transparent pool"
Feel it.
Do you feel better?

I should use my mind prism to change the uncontrolled water to fully controlled water.

How do I know which face I wear?
Is it my face, or, is it the uncontrolled water face?
mmm... i must find a clue.

TIP: Times are changing, remember the creation's harmony.
It is like peaceful water, it is all-embracing wholeness, it is the "Let be ocean", where every one is  part of one unified complex, where every creation is part of some thing bigger. Where every one combines forces toward development.
Feel it.
Do you feel better?

Monday, May 31, 2010

# 7- The Air Element Attributes

Transparent, Theory, Strategy, Tactics, Structure, Method, Formula, Thought, Philosophy, Geometry, Riddle, Puzzle, Trick, Mind, Telepathy, Mathematics, Physics, Science, Spirit, Wind, Concept, Script, Planning, Paradigm, Model, Module, Format, Pattern, Formation, Figure, Gestalt, Details, Content, Component, Free, Flight, Hasty, Impetuous, Careless, Impulsive, Swollen, Balloon, Cool, Restraint, Breath, Knowledge, Wisdom, Clear mind.

The Air I breath
The Air I consume
The Air I use

How can I do all that?
I cannot see it...
I cannot touch it...

can I measure it?
yes I can:
Fill balloon with air.

Each thought is a balloon of air, that fly around me...
Each balloon contains Air with different combination of elements.

Thought is faster then light.
Thoughts creates reality.
My mind generates more thoughts then I can ever know.

Or can I?
Control your mind, control your thoughts, enjoy the benefits of the creator.
Don't control your mind, don't control your thoughts, suffer the fault of the creations you creates.

Elements goes together.
The Air contributes the content of the creation.

Fire is the will, the air is its content.

How it applies?
Create a list of all the components which assembles your will, this is your will content.

* I can control my Thoughts balloons, I can even blow them up...
I must remember that when I begin my Game. 
To remind me, I made this slogan:
"I control my Air element, it does not controls me."

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

#6 - The Fire Element Attributes

Hot, Wild, Tame, Violent, Will ,Desire, Consume Energy, Burn, Powerful, Force, Spark of life, Light, Individual, Brave, Assertive, Leader, Fast, High frequency, Creative, Destructive, Flexible, Elastic.

Each core contains the fire element awareness.
Some has large amounts of it, some has less.
The fire enables each one to use the spark of creation.

The fire is the beginning of every will.
Will is the beginning of every process.
"Learn to control the fire element in you.
Get the positive aspects it can offer."
* In fact, the fire element is the only element that we are programmed with. 
It is what kept us alive inside the void, when we were frozen for unknown time.

How does it work?
I initiate a will. Fire spark is sent, it is programmed with the 'will' subject. 
Other elements attached to its subject. 
Elements go together, like a braid.

How do I generate a will?
This is unknown. 
It is the power of the creator inside my core.

I am the creator of myself.

It is very important to me to remember these attributes in the game I am planing to play.
if I forget, 
I can Burn my processes, 
I can become violent, 
I can become aggressive towards achieving my goals. 
I can consume the energy I have faster then the length of my game. 
I can loose my force. 
I must remember how to control it, and to use it in a conscious way to create my creation. 

I might use hints to remind me.... mmm, I will!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

#5 Refined Thoughts

I am a part of a bigger game.
Yes, I am.

me & you
and every one else,
is in this game.

Here and there and all around.
In every level of being.

We play the game with strategy,
We play the game with tactics,
We play it with 'questioning',
and we seek for 'answering'.

We play the game on our behalf,
We play the game.
We play the game of creation.

Imagine: a board of multiple dimensions, in a fractal way of growing, growing as a formula of seeking answers. Each question can be answered just by matching, questions match answer. It is very accurate.
It must be.  

TIP: Find the correct answer for specific question. Its a vibe. Its a frequency. 
The answer should be 1 or 0.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

#4. Element core

"4 elements set to explore the being awake experience"
Fire- light the spark of creation.
Air - build the conceptual content of creation.

Water - glue them all with powerful strength and amorphous connections

Earth - Implement it all.

Inside me there is a core of energy, that throbbing in its own vibreation.
This is my source of power.
This is my point of view.
This is my foundation from which I begin my journey.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

#3. My plateau

My plateau is where I am.
It Vibrates the same as me.
It deals with theory.

I'm in one section in the plateau, the plateau has many sections, each vibrates a little different.
Each vibrate according to the elements it  based upon.
There are 4 elements: Fire, Air, Water & Earth

There is this place where it is called the 'Free Choice' Section, and Many go there to check out the theory they create.
It's a lab, a big lab.
It deals with testing the theory.

There are 12 plateau, each divided to Plus & Minus poles, it sums up to the number of 24.

So, now, I Plan my game in theory.
After then I will check it in the 'Free Choice' Section.
I Play it.

Have you ever noticed? We have 12 day hours & 12 night hours, we have 24 hours a day. mmm.....